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About us

Maple Textiles Canada Inc. is committed to serve many segments of Canadian hospitality, health and fitness industry. Maple Textiles Canada Inc. is seeking new ways to serve the Canadian hospitality market for institutional linen.

Customer Relationship Management software has enhanced our ability to provide excellent customer service to our valued customers.

Our small operation is key to success where we are small enough to value each and every customer and provide them with customized service while maintaining our ability to stock quality products, invest in technology and processes.

Call Center

1-866-51-MAPLE (62753)

Call Us at our TOLL FREE number from 9 am to 5 pm EST Mon to Fri .

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Maple Textiles Canada Inc.
1515 Dusty Drive
Pickering, ON, L1X OC8
(416) 799 0655
Fax: 1-866-531-7544
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