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Fabric Care


It's the loops in a towel that do the drying, so look for thick loops that are packed so closely you can barely see the fabric base. High quality towels can last for over ten years.


The more tightly woven the fabric base, the longer a towel will last. Separate a few loops and do a close inspection. All towel edges should be securely stitched and tightly woven.


Cotton is hydrophilic, which means it has a strong affinity for water. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, lack this natural attraction to water. Cotton efficiently absorbs and removes the water from your body.


With the wide variety of towels on the market, it can be challenging to determine which type is best for you. To help in your decision-making process, use the following definitions of each type of cotton towel available in stores:

Terry — Cotton terry towels are woven on a loom. Terry towels utilize an additional yarn to form loops which cover both sides of the towel. These loops are normally referred to as "Pile" or "Loop Surfaces."

Velour — Velour or sheared towels are produced in the same fashion that terry is produced with an additional process that cuts the terry loops on one side. The aesthetics of the velour side provide a decorative look. The terry side should face the skin for optimum drying.

Printed — Colorful designs are printed on the surface of either terry or velour towels. Designs are normally printed on one side.

Jacquard — Either terry or velour, these are patterned towels. The design is woven right into the towel and is constructed on a special type of loom.

Embellished — To provide more fashion to towels, some manufacturers add embroidery or lace. This variety helps add a decorative look to a bathroom.

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